Lori Hodgkins

Lori Hodgkins

Lori Hodgkins grew up in Rockland County, NY with nurturing, devoted parents, along with three fun-loving and enthusiastic siblings. She currently resides in Dutchess County, NY with her husband and 2 rescue dogs.

She is a mother to 4 adult children and has 16 delightful grandchildren.

Her children were raised in Sandy Hook, CT where she volunteered in the community and schools, chairing The Newtown Summer Festival and managing fundraisers for St Rose of Lima Church and School for many years. In addition to designing and creating customized jewelry, her hobbies include sewing, painting and drawing, wool felting and photography.

When she isn’t busy doting on her family or creating crafts, you can find her hiking in the woods, camera in hand, capturing photos of nature and wildlife.

She joined  Siblings of Murdered Siblings after her brother was tragically murdered in 2016.

“Thanks to Alexandra, we are reaching out to others going through the devastating loss of homicide. No one should have to go through this alone. I strive to make everyone I meet feel loved, valued, and understood. This is what gives me strength.”

“Spread love everywhere you go. “ Mother Teresa

Lynn-Dee Horowitz

Lynn-Dee Horowitz

I am a retired High School Spanish teacher and massage therapist. I joined SOMS when Alex started the group. I joined in support for her. I have not experienced a death through murder, but I did lose my brother suddenly 25-1/2 yrs ago. This experience changed my life as one could imagine.

I am a team player and I take my responsibilities seriously. I take criticism well and learn from my mistakes. My philosophy is there are always lessons to be learned, so be grateful to learn them!

I am a great researcher and I have given a list of podcasts to Alex to help us promote our cause of going from victims, survivors to thrive. I love to brainstorm and share ideas and philosophies on life and the future of SOMS. I also have experience of being on two boards of directors for non-profit organizations.