Siblings of Murdered Siblings has been a lifeline, a safe place, to cope with the horrific reality of being a homicide survivor.  There is something particularly indescribable when you lose a sibling to murder.  They are your first best friends, your link to the past, they are supposed to be there in your future, they love your kids as much as you do, and you love their kids right back.  When they are stolen, murdered, it feels like the whole world stops and the horror of what has happened ebbs and flows in intensity.  I found SOMS’ Facebook group three weeks after my sister was murdered on November 27th, 2018.  It has been a sanctuary for myself, a place where every single person there knows the pain we are in, the life sentence we are enduring, with no appeals.  It has been a constant refuge, in an inconsistent world of the criminal justice system, and just life in general.  I am so grateful you exist.  Thank you for being a lifeline for me, and (sadly) so many others.  We are the unwanted club.  The only way through is through, and together, it takes the edge off the horrible sadness and grief we endure.

Mrs. Rob Schottelkorb
(from Google Reviews)