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Siblings of Murdered Siblings has been a lifeline, a safe place, to cope with the horrific reality of being a homicide survivor.  There is something particularly indescribable when you lose a sibling to murder.  They are your first best friends, your link to the past, they are supposed to be there in your future, they love your kids as much as you do, and you love their kids right back.  When they are stolen, murdered, it feels like the whole world stops and the horror of what has happened ebbs and flows in intensity.  I found SOMS’ Facebook group three weeks after my sister was murdered on November 27th, 2018.  It has been a sanctuary for myself, a place where every single person there knows the pain we are in, the life sentence we are enduring, with no appeals.  It has been a constant refuge, in an inconsistent world of the criminal justice system, and just life in general.  I am so grateful you exist.  Thank you for being a lifeline for me, and (sadly) so many others.  We are the unwanted club.  The only way through is through, and together, it takes the edge off the horrible sadness and grief we endure.

Mrs. Rob Schottelkorb
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I don’t know how to express how much SOMS has helped me through my traumatic loss. I feel understood in this group and I am always reassured that I am not alone. I can rant without feeling judged, commiserate and empathize with others in comments, or just stay silent and read what others are going through, their pain, and their triumphs over the grief. Nothing can erase what happened, but this group has been such a blessing in the face of it. Thank you SOMS!!!

Susan Windland

Wonderful resource! Everyone is so amazing!

Shannon Reed

Very supportive group. Regular grief groups just aren’t the same. It really helps to have people who know the specific trauma we have as family of murder victims. Even though the group is open to non-siblings, it’s great having people who get how grief manifests itself within the very complicated sibling dynamic and how thief grief often creates additional tensions with the rest of the family.

They have a regular Wednesday support group on zoom which has helped me process my struggles tremendously- we laugh, we cry, we make jokes and most importantly support one another through this process. Before I found this group it felt like our family was going through this alone with no guidance. But there are people in the group at all stages- some people are only a month in and are just dealing with the shock and other have been doing this for 20+ years. And I have gained so much knowledge about what to expect and have also helped people who are newer to this than I am (which feels good).

I also really like that you can participate as much or as little as you want to. Sometimes you just aren’t in a place where you can deal, sometimes you just want to listen in but not participate (which I did on the FB page for a while before I got more involved), and that’s all okay.

I highly recommend this group to anyone dealing with the homicide of a family member.

Roc Ket

I had searched for a sibling support group for more than 30 years before I miraculously found SOMS in January 2021. I have found what I was seeking. I feel like I can share my grief with this group, while I can’t express such things with my remaining siblings. There’s so much compassion here.

Virginia Davis

This website has helped my Daughter tremendously with her Grief and Trauma she has gone through with the death of her Brother Ryan. I want to personally thank all of you for all of your hard work and dedication to helping us solve Ryan’s case. My Daughter and I are looking for peace, truth and closure so we may go forward with our lives. God bless you all and Thank you.

Joanne Briney

I am more than thankful that this group exists. It has been a place that I go to for many reasons. Trying to find any support for siblings that have lost their siblings is hard enough. Which is the saddest thing seeing as how the relationship one has with a sibling is by far one of the most important ones we have in our lives. Losing one is very difficult. But then to mix into it the journey of our own grief, and then trying to navigate thru the judicial system. Finding this group literally saved my life. Being able to talk to people that have been there and know thru their experiences what may or may not happen in regards to mine is such a blessing. Being able to express my frustration and being heard have helped me sooo much. There is zero judgement here. Care packages sent before trial with little things that you didn’t know you would need were the best! I have a love/hate for this group. I love that it exists because the support it provides is vital to my being able to live thru my grief. I hate it because as the member numbers grow it means another person has lost a sibling. So thank you for this group. It really is a blessing.

Tracy Haman-Linton

SOMS is a great organization that helped me and continues to help others in coping with the traumatic loss of family/siblings. Their care packages are inspired and the help they provide in making victim impact statements will help someone going through the worst time of their lives. I’m so glad I found SOMS!

Mike Hillier

A very non-judgmental and safe support network which provides an incredible space to connect, share our thoughts, feelings and emotions, plus engage with those whom are grieving a sibling’s murder.

Eugene Scardifield

They’ve helped me so much with murder of my brother so much, I wouldn’t be able to get through it without them.

Erika Lynn